Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Well guys…

I got a little too crazy playing ball with my masters and accidentally ran into a wall.

There was a mirror that came crashing down on me and boy, did it hurt!

I really didn’t feel anything, and I just wanted to keep playing.

I guess my masters thought it was serious, so they rushed me to the emergency vet at 10 in the evening.

Geez guys, it’s just a little cut…

Anyway, the doc said that thankfully the glass couldn’t have hit in a better spot.

It gave me a pretty deep cut, but it’s not going to be anything serious.

We ended up getting out of the vet around 2 in the morning.

Man, what a long night!

Well, I keep wanting to itch it and man, that medication that the doctor gave me really makes me sleepy…

But I’m doing just fine!

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